Friday, October 10, 2008

Idaho Adventure

The fact that I was taking a group of high school girls to run through the faces of McCain and Obama in a corn field finalized the thought that I was up for an adventure! Most of us have never even been to a corn maize so we had no idea what to we arrived there was a little bit of excitement next to a small looking gated obstacle course..My initial reaction was hmm is this some kind of red neck play area for children?... these people have some real issues, but then all of a sudden the cheering starts...having no idea whats going on we couldent resist but join in on the excitement and cheer our hearts out...then what do you know...the wistle was blown and the gates were lifted...three pigs jetted out of these cages...It was a real pig race...People actually have pig races?...I never thought I would experience something like that.Wow I really do live in Idaho...I'm so proud! So after getting motivated from the race us girls are pumped and ready for our Corn Maize adventure.
We started out really crazy as the excitement of running through the corn was starting to get to us! Um then the not so fun parts started happening...for one I for sure wore the wrong boots.... you would be surprised how strong those corn stalks really are! Thanks Becca for your support in that almost tragic time. Secondly as we were lost and confused I was we actually paid to come in here and get lost...for fun? Some things in life just doesn't make sense.
Mixed feelings swept our group as we were trying to decide which way to go...through some wrong turns...running in fright of the thought of the wild pigs running loose...we finally made it and sound...go team!!!